The long and short of MMK

One story is that MMK was launched in 2010 by two ex-Virgin marketers who decided that their client side experience of delivering results would do well agency side. Finding like-minded souls to join them, they expanded thanks to a combination of delivering results and building clever things online.

The alternative is that roughly 100,000 years ago a spaceship from Gamma Quadrant suffered a warp drive malfunction which threw the ship through space. As it accelerated out of control the integrity of the hull and the engines was compromised, resulting in a massive energy surge which ripped through the ship.

It fell out of warp above the planet Earth, hundreds of light years from home, its crew dead or dying. With no power left in the engines and nobody to make repairs, the orbit rapidly declined, and the ship entered the atmosphere. The heat made it burn brightly, and with one final explosion, the crew and ship were vaporised in the atmosphere.

However, some DNA and particles survived the vaporisation, and entered the food chain in what we now know as the UK and middle Europe. Over the years, this resulted in mutations in the precursors to the human race.

In 2010, Chris Delahunty and Tom Haczewski were base jumping and skiing in the Pyrennes when they discovered a hidden cave half way up a mountain. In here they found a strange drawing on the cave wall – a round speech bubble with the letters MMK written in archaic scrawls. There was a blinding, seering pain in their minds, and they saw the shared memory of a spaceship escaping from a planet where a zombie apocalypse had taken hold.

It became apparent that both Tom and Chris were descendants of the mutants created by the alien space ship crash. The aliens had been trying to escape catastrophe, and this shared memory showed them that the danger their ancestors had faced would one day reach this planet as well.

They decided to scour the Earth, identifying other mutants to join them at MMK. Each potential recruit is questioned about their preparations against zombie attacks, and their knowledge of space travel. All the while, the MMK office is gradually turned into a spaceship to blast back to the home planet when the inevitable zombie apocalypse reaches Earth. By placing this under the cover of a digital agency, the team of intrepid space heroes can focus on creating exciting work online whilst their main quest continues.