clever and lovely

  • ‘Planner, tea drinker….. accidental mediabod’

    I’ve worked for big global ad agencies for the best part of two decades. I started as a dogsbody in the planning department at Leo Burnett, but I moved into media at a time when they got better lunches.

    Since then I’ve worked for two other big agency networks (Carat and Starcom MediaVest Group). I’ve been a Planner/Buyer, Comms Planning Director, Board Director and part-time Head of Recruitment.

    I’ve worked on lots of different clients and sectors from financial to FMCG, from cars to governments; Abbey, Amex, Mercedes, Tetley Tea, Haagen-Dazs, Debenhams, Department for Transport to name but a few… and I’ve won a few awards – which is nice.

    After 15 years of living in the big London smoke my partner Doug and I moved to Suffolk to try a different lifestyle and so he could pursuit a new career as a stage Mindreader.

    Whilst I have been commuting to London 3 days a week for the last few years, I’ve been looking for a role which will be very different to the work I’ve done before and which will mean I have less of a relationship with Greater Anglia Trains.

    Happily MMK provides the answer to both those desires! So I’ve swapped a view of the Telecom Tower for Norwich Guildhall … so far its pretty good.

  • The first digital thing I got my hands on was the Binatone games machine, swiftly followed by the Atari 2600. I grew up a gamer, which lead to the internet. University days were spent downloading demos of Doom and Duke Nukem 3D on to network computers. And now I do all I can to maintain my geek level of gaming knowledge.

    I worked at Virgin Money for just over 11 years, mostly in marketing, and almost solely within digital. We ran some amazing campaigns during my time there, and ended up winning a lot of awards for the work. It was during my time at Virgin that I also become IDM qualified in direct and digital marketing. From there I went on to run the multi-channel team at Advent Training. They’d grown well, but had no marketing team at all. I set it up and ran it, using my theoretical knowledge in ATL marketing to actually run offline campaigns.

    In February 2010, I set up MMK as an agency that loved digital, hated mediocrity, and wanted to be known as the best place to work. I also have a personal passion to prove that talent, industry, hard work, and excellence can all come from an agency based in Norwich.

  • I’ve always been interested in cutting edge technology and exploring the limits of what is possible; making it, breaking it, fixing it. With this attitude I naturally ended up focusing my time learning about various aspects of technology, especially information security and programming.

    I have experience in a myriad of technologies, such as MVC frameworks like Silverstripe and Ruby on Rails, Security testing frameworks and many other Linux technologies.

    Working as a Developer at MMK allows me to fulfil my need to work on the forefront of technology, create great things that work well and learn new things along the way.

    The work at mmk is challenging and keeps me on my toes, making sure the high quality of work is maintained and the best result is achieved for our clients.

  • At the young age of 15, I had to make a big career decision: to either carry on with my competitive swimming and go for county trials, or further my education and my passion for Art and Design.

    7 years later, with my NUA Fine Art degree under my belt, I am now at MMK as a junior designer. I make a lot of tea and let the team sample my scrumptious baking, but most importantly I strive to create beautiful designs, whilst developing my skills as a web designer. I’m lovin’ it.

    During my spare time, I geek out playing zombie games and making cos play costumes and masks

  • I built my first website at the age of 9 after being introduced to HTML by a friend in the industry. After eagerly spending night after night working towards my aim of creating a fully functioning site, I soon realised that website development was the career path I wanted to pursue. I began to explore other ways to improve my site and very quickly became proficient in the use of CSS.

    As I progressed onto building websites for friends and family members, my career began to take shape. Gradually, as word of mouth spread, I found myself creating websites for charities and small local businesses. During this time, I significantly improved my skills in web development and user interface whilst receiving the added bonus of gaining experience and forming my background in the commercial sector.

    This background enabled me to progress into full-time employment at EMCOR UK where I developed systems for their British Sugar contract. During my time at EMCOR UK I was able to develop my customer service and communication skills, which has helped me to deliver more precisely the features and designs which my clients envision on their websites.

    Since building my first website I have progressed onto learning new and exciting technologies such as JavaScript, jQuery, HTML5 and CSS3. I am continuing to learn more and more every day, allowing me to incorporate more challenging and dynamic features in the websites which I develop.

  • I’ve always really loved typography, graphic design and illustration and so a natural progression from studying fine art and music at college, lead me to study the latter at degree level, taking a BA Honors in Music Composition at Dartington College of Arts (Falmouth University, Cornwall).

    While at university I chose a minor in Digital Arts which led me back into design via my rediscovery of Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator, which have now become the tools of my trade. In no time at all the web and graphic design portion of my degree had hijacked my musical aspirations and I soon found myself sidetracked on building websites to promote my music or designing sheet music cover art instead of actually writing music. Music fail. I had come to the realisation that it was design, in all it’s forms, that was truly exciting me.

    I came to MMK as a front end web designer but it was not long before I was working almost exclusively on design, branding and illustration; a position where I am very happy and am encouraged to be creative and try out new angles.

    Outside of work I occasionally try my hand at beer brewing, bread baking and cutesy crafts like hama-beads. Remember them? Oh and I also jog until I vomit – at least three times a week.

  • I’ve been passionate about art and design, electronic gadgets and problem solving for as long as I can remember. Becoming a web developer was simply the next logical step for me as it delivers all of these things in abundance. I love how quickly the web industry evolves, enforcing the need to continually learn and adapt to keep apace; there is rarely one single correct solution to any particular challenge and there are always new ways to improve. I fully embrace the immediacy of the internet too – being able to quickly realise a new idea in front of a potentially worldwide audience at a relatively low cost is an incredible thing.

    Having graduated from De Montfort, Leicester in 2006 with first class honours in BSc Multimedia Computing I have amassed nine years commercial experience producing dynamic websites and eCommerce solutions. I specialise in writing bespoke PHP, MySQL and JavaScript, although I’m also a dab hand with HTML/CSS and know more about the idiosyncrasies of Microsoft’s Internet Explorer browsers than I care to admit.

    Outside of work I love to play sport and attend live music events, and I enjoy travelling and eating out as much as possible. I run a food blog with my girlfriend and a cricket website for my hometown club. I tend to an ever expanding music collection and also have a penchant for horror films.