What we do

How we work and what we believe in

MMK is a digital agency focused on three main areas:

  • marketing strategy
  • innovative website and application build
  • social media campaigns and tools.

Our development team is skilled in HTML5, php, Javascript, CSS3, and linking APIs together to make amazing things online. Our ethos is to make the internet better by seeing how far we can push the boundaries.

Our strategy team has extensive client and agency side experience at a very senior level, working in both traditional and digital media, mobile, social, viral, and brand marketing. We aim to build a strategy which makes sense for our clients, starting with the initial premise of spending as little money on media as you can get away with.

We like to focus on the things we do well, and excel at them. It’s easy for any digital agency to blindly say, “yes, we can do that SEO campaign for you” but it takes guts to explain why that might not be the best option, and offer a better solution instead. If you're going to develop a strategy, you need to know how digital and traditional channels work together, rather than blindly following one route.

Our teams sit next to one another, and often have cake eating competitions (development win, but strategy win at karaoke). This means that ideas are shared, commented on, mocked, improved, and developed through the whole team, rather than having to go through a strict process in order to get something out which doesn't fit the brief, or is bland.

Which is why most people come to us. They are bored of doing the same thing time again, hearing the same ideas, or seeing something which doesn't excite them.

We're not for everyone. We like to come up with something amazing and quirky which will challenge people and make a difference to their business. This can take bravery, commitment, and a leap of faith from our clients.

But we believe that our extensive experience in every kind of market and channel means that we can show why our ideas will work.