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Commenting on blogs: when should you stop?

I spend quite a lot of my web time flickering through blogs, reading about vintage fashion, intriguing recipes and online marketing, and I can't help wondering why some people still comment on posts to just say "Great article", with a link to a vaguely related (if you are lucky...) website in their signature.

What is blogging about?

A blog is like a journal, where the author share news, views and comments on a subject matter of their choice. Overtime, if the blogger shows deep knowledge of the subject, wit, or any other quality, the blog will become increasingly popular, "followed" by a growing audience and becoming a place of reference within its area. A community will develop around the blog, having the opportunity to read about a subject of interest but also ask questions or offer their own views.

How can you integrate blog commenting as part as your online marketing strategy?

Valuable comments will always be welcome by the community, even if coming from a company. However, time and energy need to be invested in the community before expecting anything back. By contributing regularly and providing interesting views to the readers, you might slowly become an authority in the field. Perhaps will you manage to build a relationship with the blogger or a few followers and eventually get a mention in a blog post.

But when should you stop?

If commenting is part of a quick link building strategy, I would really advise to stop. Most external links on blogs are nofollow unless specified otherwise by the author. In other terms, it tells Google that those links shouldn't pass any link juice to the target page. Also, if a comment is of no value to the readership and purely intended to place a mention of a brand or link to a website, the blogger and the community are very likely to get annoyed. Best case scenario, the comment will be deleted, worse case, the community will react, resulting in bad publicity for the brand in question. Whatever the outcome, this is spamming, and shouldn't be employed.

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