• 29 November 2011
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Review of dressipi.com

Technology makes clothes shopping better

As members of Norfolk Network, several of the MMK team were lucky to be present at the October talk from Sarah McVittie, the highly inspirational founder of Dressipi.com.

As a once avid follower of fashion, I could think of nothing better to do than browse shops endlessly at weekends. Like many things after children when all fun is stripped from life (I jest) (honestly) I was keen to hear from Sarah as to how the intricacies of her new online service could spark life back into and feed my old shopping habit.

My issue with online clothes shopping has always been that I enjoy the 'outdoor' experience so much more, (hence buying a house with a 10 minute stroll of House of Fraser.) I need to try stuff on and I can never be bothered with the faff of taking things back. Even though I accept this part has become much easier since you can for the most part return in-store, which saves postal aggravation. Yet, because we are so time poor and as our old habits change out of necessity, clothes and accessories are currently the fastest growing sectors online.

So what's so different about Dressipi you may ask? Well, you could take a glance and think it's essentially just a stylish aggregator. WRONG. First, invest some time thoroughly inputting your size details into the size finder and select your favourite high street and aspirational brands. The software then learns your 'likes and dislikes' via its 'Perfect for you' functionality, which by rating items, gains insight into your personal style intuition. Couple this with observed behaviour of your general internet use and bingo! you are presented with stylish options, guaranteed to suit AND fit thanks to your statistics and shape qualification and Dressipi technology, which has basically analysed every piece of clothing in the world to give you a wide range of personal predictions.

So how is interest maintained? Well a Friday afternoon email from the Dressipi stylists titled 'Your perfect...dress / trousers / shirt etc wafts temptation into your face and yes I've brought a jacket and yes I've brought a skirt and yes they've fitted (hurrah) and been nice and therefore the need to return is abolished.

Thank you Dressipi, no fuss faith in fashion restored...job done.

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