• 1 September 2011
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Social Lingo Bingo: The Art of Point Scoring

What is Social Lingo Bingo? I hear you cry. Well, it's really rather simple; when you're at a social media seminar, just tick off the words and phrases you hear to score points.

You might also be wondering why we came up with the game. Again, it's simple; having been to a number of social media talks over the years, we noticed that they always seemed to be about the same things, quoting the same case studies and never highlighting recent innovations in social media. In fact, we think that we can pretty much guarantee the topics that will come up. And so Social Lingo Bingo was born.

And yes, we know that the Old Spice Guy campaign is inspired and Kenneth Cole's tweet was an epic fail, but there are so many other examples to highlight too. And then there are the endless buzzwords, like 'leverage' and 'blogosphere', which are frankly tiresome. It's time to inject something new (and fun) into these talks, so why not play Social Lingo Bingo?

If you're off to hear a self-professed social media guru give a talk, make sure you play Social Lingo Bingo. Just click here and download the PDF.

You can also see how many marketing buzzwords you use on Twitter with our Tossr application.

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