hmv Valentine quiz

The Lonely Hearts Campaign

The Brief

Over Valentine's, much-loved retailer hmv were running a creative campaign called Lonely Hearts, where stars of film and music were placed on to playing cards and displayed through the store, website, and in press advertising.

What We Did

We built a Facebook quiz to tie the campaign in to the ever growing social media presence of the brand. A series of lonely hearts adverts were shown to the user, and they had to guess which celeb had placed the ad. The aim was to get twenty correct before the time ran out.

The build was from scratch, writing all the lonely hearts ads, designing the app and all the playing cards, building a quiz functionality that could keep score and add on time when questions were correct, and adding in social sharing buttons.


The Results

Designed as a quick game, the uptake was good, with hundreds of players going through the game, and social sharing allowing for people to get the message out. It created a small buzz on Twitter, got people clicking through to the main site, and gained coverage in marketing title The Drum who said:

"This is the first time hmv has supported one of its seasonal campaigns in this way"

We interpreted this as "that MMK bunch are great", but it's hard to tell.