Superga Instagram Competition

Innovative Facebook competition with great brand engagement

The Brief

Hipster sneakers brand Superga, recently in the spotlight thank to fashion icons Alexa Chung, the Olsen sisters and Katie Holmes, was facing the challenge to generate further interest amongst young men in the UK. The profile of the UK side of Superga also needed to be raised in social media. We were approached by Vizeum, their media agency, to build a campaign which would make a difference. It needed to appeal to the target audience, and also be promoted through advertorials.

What We Did

We suggested a six week long photo competition using Instagram and hosted on Facebook. Instagram fitted perfectly with the early-adopter mentality of the target audience. Coincidentally, Facebook bought Instagram as the competition launched.

Superga Facebook Competition

Competitions are a great way to generate some buzz around a brand, but having been used and abused in the past few years, they also need to be a bit different if brands want to retain interest. We therefore wanted a cool prize, and a mechanic that would require the audience to engage but would also restrict entry to the demographic we wanted to target.

Superga are famed for their massive range of colours, so every week photos were submitted based around a specific colour of shoe. Taken using Instagram and hashtagged with a specific phrase, we pulled in the photos to be displayed on a bespoke Facebook app, allowing other users to view the entries for that week, and also previous winners. Importantly, the photo did not have to feature the product, but a photo which evoked feelings around the brand. We were looking for people to tell us what they thought the brand stood for. Each week we gave away a pair of Superga to the best photo. And at the end of the six weeks, one lucky winner won a year's supply of Superga.

Using Instagram - the photo editing and sharing app available on iPhone and recently on Android - as a requirement for entry allowed us to limit participation to users within our specific target group, also likely to be in the younger side of this demographic. But more importantly, it provided Superga with  unique content to generate conversation around.

The Results

In six weeks, nearly 1,500 pictures were hashtagged, the Superga UK Facebook page went from around 1,000 fans to almost 6,500, and their Twitter account now increased to over 1,500 followers. Most pleasing is that sales of the specific colours increased in their promotion weeks, and the entry levels increased with every week, showing that there was no sign of burnout in the campaign.

Superga bordeaux winnerSuperga green winnerSuperga winning photo